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30. September 2020

A new slaughterhouse is build here!

DanePork A/S - starts construction of a 6,000 m2 modern slaughterhouse.

20. November 2020

The first big step!

Excavation for stunning system is well underway.

12. January 2021

Parking spaces

In connection with the expansion, new parking spaces have been created for the employees.

26. February 2021

A lot of soil has been replaced!

A total of 50,000 ton of soil has now been replaced

30. March 2021

The building foundation is now started up

It is hard work, to be ready for the soon arrival of concrete elements.

16. April 2021

The first machines are in place.

Stunning and dehairing machines are now in place, before the concrete elements are raised. 

22. April 2021

Part of the floor has been cast

+1,000 m3 of concrete and 8 km of rebar have been used so far.

28. April 2021

The concrete elements have started to arrive

Around 250 concrete elements are arriving to DanePork

11. May 2021

Installation of concrete elements.

04. June 2021

Beautiful sunshine and we look forward to the new slaughterhouse is ready for use.

25. June 2021

New angel, and more concrete elements are in place. 

13. July 2021

A large part of the roof is in place. The building to delivery of the pigs is under construction.

03. September 2021

A 70 meter high chimney - is close to be in place.

29. September 2021

A lot of people are still working hard - the first testrun is soon comming up.

28. October 2021

The new slaugtherhouse is now running.

DanePork will expand with a 6,000 m2 production facility in 2021.

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