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Professionalism and quality

Professionalism to the extreme

We value our expertise highly, our craftsmanship must be impeccable, and we wish to deliver a product of the best quality. Our expertise is supported by more than 30 years of experience in slaughterhouse operation.

We transform this knowledge into an efficient production apparatus that can be converted at short notice.

To cut a long story short: We emphasise good Danish products and proper workmanship.

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Quality from manufacturer to refrigerated counter

In addition to the pigs being born and raised in Denmark, slaughter, cutting, deboning and packing takes place at the same location in Denmark. This allows us to be 100% in control of the quality of the goods we supply. As a private slaughterhouse, we emphasise that we are close to our suppliers and together we have a strong focus on quality.

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BRC, HACCP and SSOP - quality assurance

In general, there are high demands on food manufacturers, and at DanePork we have gone the whole length and live up to the industry's toughest quality and hygiene certifications: BRC, HACCP and SSOP. We are thus approved to supply pork to the most demanding markets such as the American and the Japanese markets.

Continuous control

The certifications imply that we meet a wide range of restrictions and requirements to guarantee that the production takes place exactly as prescribed. 

Every day, specially trained personnel - independently of each other - continuously check and document the quality.

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Your contact person

Jan Thomsen

Jan Thomsen

Quality Manager