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Continuous optimisation

At DanePork, we work determinedly to become carbon neutral and optimise our sustainability year by year.

We strive towards a sustainable food production and towards ensuring that our employees are in safe hands and have good opportunities for development and job variation.

Everything from the pig is used

Before you can sink your teeth into your Sunday roast, it is probably nice to know that over the years we have continuously optimised our meat production towards an ever-increasing degree of sustainability in order to avoid waste of food and unnecessary consumption of resources.

Our production of pork does not result in any waste of food. The main part of the pig is used for food. Residual products are used for pet food and the last residues are used for biogas.

In everything we do, we emphasise a short, qualitative and sustainable path from “farm to fork”.

Resource optimisation

As we continuously optimise our production and our consumption, we will never fully finish our efforts to optimise and reduce resources. Just as we use every part of a pig to avoid wastage, we look at our production methods and machinery to see where and how we can be less harmful to the climate.

This means that - among other things - we are continuously working on:

  • reducing water consumption
  • organising and operating our company with the greatest possible regard for the surroundings
  • reducing environmentally harmful electricity and gas consumption
  • reducing noise and odour nuisance in the environment
  • reducing the discharge of organic substances and chemicals with the wastewater
  • optimising internal sewage treatment processes and pre-treatment plants
  • sending offal to biogas plants, to be used as mink feed or for reprocessing for biofuel
  • using environmentally friendly detergents and disinfectants
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